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Author Topic: Paper v/s enamel or other
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Post Paper v/s enamel or other
on: September 6, 2011, 13:25

I have been taking paper plates and plastic ware for camping but I am considering purchasing something else for our camping.

Do you have thoughts on this?

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Post Re: Paper v/s enamel or other
on: December 7, 2011, 00:58

I realize that you summer is over and yet: Money wise, plastic washable is better. That is if you are willing to do all of the washing or have "assignments" for help. For me, I knew that I would be responsible for all of it and that was my pentince for wanting to go camping in the first place. Small dish pan for soap water, small dish pan for rinse water and a cheap dish drying rack works well. I got a silverware basket (the kind from a dish washer)at a thrift store (all of these you can find at the local thrift stores) and kept all of my reg silverware and sharp paring knives in it all the time. Plastic drinking cups with each kids name on the bottom. When they needed a drink then when done, turned it over so that there was never any argueing as to who left a cup of drink sitting around half empty. (this also saved alot on disposable cups too)
hope this will be helpful to you. pam

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