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Fast and Easy Camping Meals

Everyone has a different idea of what to put into your backpack to make easy camping meals. What some might consider a tasty or good meal, others might find repulsing. Nevertheless, especially when going camping, a general rule of thumb that many, if not all, agree that camp food needs to be quick and easy to prepare. Below are some great guidelines that have been used over and over when it comes to creating delicious, easy camping meals.

Easy Camping Meals

easy camping mealsFirstly, you don’t have to be afraid to take along basic hamburgers or hot dogs with you when going camping, as most people love at least one of these meals. They are extremely easy and fast to prepare, and they’re generally a crowd-pleaser.

Freeze dried food is another great idea for easy camping meals. It is cheap, easy and quick to prepare. The great thing about freeze-dried food is that there are many different varieties, so finding something that will suit several people shouldn’t be difficult. These foods are also generally designed for camping; quick cook times, travel packaging, etc. Canned food is also a great idea, as there are many different kinds, and cooking is either not required or can be done very quickly. Food that comes in boxes, such as noodles, mac and cheese or rice are great examples of foods that are light weighted, they cook real fast and they are quickly disposable.

Feel like a cereal bar? Have your pick. Breakfast food such as granola and fruits are always a real blessing when going camping, thanks to ease of carrying and the fact that cooking is not required.. Other foods that make great additions to your camping supplies include dried fruit, beef jerky, trail mix, and nuts. These make great snacks, as they have a lot of carbs and proteins that will provide necessary energy for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Crackers are a great camping food, and they can be combined with anything from tuna to cheese. They’re also lightweight and easy to carry. Taco salads or pita bread pizza are also great examples of foods you should take along. As for the drinks, you should avoid liquids and go for powders instead to reduce the weight of your backpack. Coffee, tea and Gatorade powder are just some of the beverages you should think of. Of course, it’s important that you don’t forget water, and bring along plenty of it. Bottles are easier to carry than heavy containers.

In conclusion, make sure you pack food that is easy and quick to cook, or requires no cooking at all, it is easy to carry around and leaves little left over trash. There you have it, a quick summary of some easy camping meals.

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